Sunday, May 21, 2017

Digital offset printer is the future !

Offset Printer - It used to be that 

It used to be that offset press printers competed with one another and quick printers - those using analog and digital copiers - competed with one another.

Offset Printer - all has advantages

This is no longer the case. While each type of printer has its advantages, both are now vying for the same business. This is primarily driven by two forces: market demand and technology.

 Today's customer demands various sized orders from smaller runs of less than 2,000 pieces up to direct mail campaigns of 20,000 pieces or more.

 Furthermore, increasingly the expectation is to have the job completed in 2- 3 days. Not too long ago an offset printer would send this customer to a quick printer for fast turn-around especially for, say a 2,000 piece four color job.

Well today, that same offset printer will most likely accept that job and turn it around in the time demanded.

Offset Printer - More customers want this

Because more and more customers were requesting this type of offset printing service, offset printers have had to adjust. This is where technology enters the picture.

Because the speed and quality of digital copiers has greatly increased while prices have continued to decline, offset printers are able to acquire more capability at modest investments.

Thereby allowing them to compete head to head with quick printers and accept much more of the work they used to turn away.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Best Sacramento Cremation Services

This video details how human cremation in Sacramento is done! Everything from start to finish!

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amberola1b2 months ago
I hate this fucking computer generated voice
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 Arak Seepoom
Arak Seepoom1 week ago
Agreed; where do youboob posters get it?
 Pengu. :3
Pengu. :36 days ago
 M Rotgans
M Rotgans2 months ago
this guy thinks he's a fucking clown using that stupid voice to prevent being deleted by youtube for a copyright violation well bud you luck has just ran out i have reported you so your account will be deleted and you will get a law sue and a permanent ban from youtube
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 Kris D
Kris D2 months ago
What's the problem with this?
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 Quah Meng Kee
Quah Meng Kee1 week ago
Well I guess you have nothing better to do in life ... what life man
 Mike Secondo
Mike Secondo9 months ago
sounds like my gps
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 Karen St John
Karen St John2 months ago
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 Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell2 months ago
"You have reached your destination!"
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 Dan Cujo
Dan Cujo3 weeks ago
If they go into the furnace that slow it may take a week.
 Justin Dana Moody
Justin Dana Moody2 months ago
did they use a speak and spell for the voice?
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 Todd Miller
Todd Miller1 week ago
Well AAaaaaaaaaaaalllllLL Righty then!!!  Or just call 1800 COOK POP.....
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 Fred Hoffman
Fred Hoffman21 minutes ago
I love it. Thanks for the laugh.
 Dwayne S
Dwayne S1 month ago
Its a computer talking
 Christina Robertson
Christina Robertson7 months ago
My  Sister got Cremated May31 on Tuesday morning at 4:00am when I was a sleep . She die From Cancer we did not know when me my Friends and My Mother and Father when to the Er with my sister. When the Doctor told us we were  Sad😭😒.
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 anita bonghit
anita bonghit2 months ago
i'm very sorry honey grandma too in 1976 cancer dam it
partyguy352 months ago
Christina Robertson I'm sorry for your loss! It sounds as though you truly loved her?